Prove the Return on Investment (ROI) of Your Open Source Company & Secure Your Next Funding Round!

Scarf: open source metrics for investors and the C-suite - unlock real usage, realize true value. Optimize ROI, monitor market growth, and fast-track revenue generation.

Do you know who is downloading your software?

Scarf unlocks the data you already have, and you just can not access.
You deploy a small Scarf gateway in between the users and normal distribution channels.  Users use the same commands, install, and deploy methods used today. Scarf collects metadata and non-personal identifiers from the downloads, docs views, and installs.

Here is what you will get

Insight into the user base for your open source software. Metrics around downloads, documentation views, adoption, and more. See details like the number of Fortune 500 companies using your software, how many times they deployed, and which versions they are using.
Enterprise Growth from different demographics
“The list of companies that surfaced from our data in Scarf was important for fundraising to show real-world usage. Showing that big companies were not only downloading Budibase but downloading every new version we released was huge."
Michael Shanks
Co-Founder & CEO at Budibase

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