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Scarf Gateway

Scarf Gateway redirects web traffic similar to a link shortener like It is compatible with various APIs used by registries, package managers, and direct internet downloads. Scarf Gateway offers three primary benefits: portability and consistency, access to metrics and usage data not provided by registries, and aggregation of download metrics from multiple distribution channels.

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How it works

Scarf Gateway functions similarly to a link shortener like, redirecting traffic as a domain gateway. However, it is specifically designed to be compatible with various APIs used by different services.

To use Scarf Gateway, create a route between it and your current packages, containers, or downloads, which directs the gateway to fulfill requests. Set up a custom domain that resolves to your gateway's location and update your documentation, readme, and other sources with the new domain. Users should then be able to use the same install, pull, or download commands as before.

Supported services include:

  • Registries like Docker Hub Google Container Registry, RedHat Quay, Amazon Elastic Container Registry, and Azure Container Registry
  • Package managers like Nix, homebrew, RPM, Apt, etc.
  • Language specific package registries and managers like PyPI & pip, or npm
  • Files coming via source control repos (GitHub or Gitlab)
  • Or any file that is a direct download on the internet

Scarf Gateway is Open Source and available under the Apache 2 license on GitHub. Check out the documentation to learn more

Scarf Gateway sits in front of your container registry to provide enhanced visibility into every download that passes through. Scarf issues lightweight redirects to your users providing a seamless experience, and unparalleled insights for your team. Learn more
No matter where you distribute your open-source artifacts, Scarf Gateway can provide insights into the downloads of any file or endpoint you put on the internet.  Track everything from version adoption to attribution, and much more. Learn more.
Go beyond PyPI's download statistics and truly understand how your software is being used. Scarf Gateway natively supports Python packages on any registry. Learn more

Gain insight and freedom of choice.

Advanced analytics

Track installs by company, location, platform, versions, cloud providers, container runtimes, referral source - and anything else

Privacy focused

Fully GDPR compliant out of the box. Scarf ensures all personally identifiable information is discarded so you'll never have to touch anything sensitive


Custom domain support for container hosting prevents vendor lock-in , even to Scarf itself

All your artifacts in one place

A static URL frees you to manage your own distribution strategy

Eliminate lock-in

Switch registries and hosts seamlessy with no impact to end users

Distribute anything

Natively supports Docker/OCI containers , Python packages, file downloads , API endpoints, or any URL.