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Scarf's mission is to help open-source maintainers connect with their users and deliver better software.

We're a small team of friendly people who love open-source, obsess about package management, and are building the next generation of tools for effective, observable, and equitable software distribution. Scarf began in Oakland, California, but our growing team is currently spread out across the Americas and Europe.

We believe that building systems that empower open-source developers to do their best work will result in better quality software for everyone. We believe that the open-source community as a whole should not only be sharing source code, but also data about that source code and how it is used. Ecosystems with incentive structures that are aligned with maintainers and value their work fairly will enable groundbreaking improvements in open-source business models and sustainability of the larger community.

Avi Press Headshot
Avi Press
Co-Founder & CEO
Tim Dysinger
Co-Founder & CTO

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