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Open Source at Scarf

Open source is at the heart of everything we do at Scarf, and naturally, we eagerly open source much of our own software. This page catalogs Scarf's own open source projects as well as those we contribute to.

Scarf Gateway
Scarf Gateway is a universal redirect layer for any digital artifact or URL, anywhere online. Scarf Gateway acts much like a customizable link shortener that also lets you serve software like Docker containers, Python packages, or anything other kind of software you distribute. Host your Docker containers, NPM packages, PyPI packages, your binaries, and more, all from the same place. Scarf Gateway also makes it easy to switch between different registries without disrupting your public endpoints, allowing for a more flexible package distribution system that is decoupled from where your artifacts are hosted.
Scarf-js is like Google Analytics for your npm packages. By sending some basic details after installation, this package can help you can gain insight into how your packages are used and by which companies.
Tie allows generation of Haskell server stubs from OpenAPI (v 3.x) specifications.
Scarf PostgreSQL Exporter
Move your raw Scarf data into your own PostgreSQL database.
RocksDB Haskell
Haskell bindings to RocksDB (
Distributed Task Scheduling in Haskell

Projects we contribute to