Scarf helps open-source developers get paid and deliver better software

It's time to stop maintaining your open-source project in the dark and take steps to ensure its success. Scarf's toolchain can help you better understand how your software is used and connect with the companies that rely on your work.

SDKs for package authors

Scarf's SDKs provide an easy way to understand how your software is being used. By simply adding a dependency on a Scarf library (eg scarf-js), you can start collecting actionable installation analytics that can help you keep your package working smoothly.

Would you like to know which versions of your package are being used? Did your most recent release break things for your users on Windows? Are there companies using your library that would pay you for a support contract? You won't have to write a single line of code to find out!

Documentation Insights

Web traffic to READMEs, documentation websites, tutorial pages and other web properties of your project can provide insight into your project's usage, but are often not places where traditional JavaScript-based web telemetry can be used.

Scarf's Documentation Insights provides you with simple tracking pixels that provide a better understanding of your project's web traffic. Scarf can tell you which companies are frequently viewing your documentation. If developers from a business are frequently visiting your project's docs, they may be more likely to pay for training or support!

The tracking pixel will never get in the way, and as with all of Scarf's OSS telemetry tools, Scarf does not store any personally-identifying information about your users.

A new model for commercial open-source software

Analytics for maintainers

Releasing open-source code doesn't mean you have to relinquish the ability to understand how your software is used.

Connect with companies relying on your work

Scarf's analytics surface which companies and organizations are using your project

Help your commercial users. Get paid.

Scarf will help you land support agreements with your users, deliver custom features, and more. Think of us as your customer intelligence, sales team, and everything else you need to build a financially successful OSS project

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