Measure and understand your open source user base.

Gain insight and feedback from real users. Track the growth and adoption of each of your open source projects and determine which industries, demographics, and companies are relying on your efforts most.

Do you know who is downloading your software?

Scarf unlocks usage data from the distribution you already have
Scarf Gateway sits in between your users and wherever they get your software today. Your product’s installation and deploy methods stay the same. Scarf collects metadata and non-personal identifiers from the downloads, documentation views, and installations.

What you get

Demographic information on your userbase.
See where your users  come from, how they use your software, and which companies they represent in your community.
Measure the consumption and effectiveness of READMEs, documentation, and content. Correlate which companies and users are downloading software and spending time in your docs.
Track adoption data on specific versions and improve your lifecycle management.