Project Spotlight: Scarf Gateway Stats

This is the third post in our series from Scarf: Spotlights. In our previous post, we highlighted the awesome nix-community.

This Project Spotlight will focus on another exciting open source project, Scarf Gateway Stats.

About the Project Maintainer

Jack Naisbett developed and maintains Scarf Gateway Stats. He has several other open source projects where he explores pushing the boundaries of what an Asus router can do. He has developed add-ons for Asus routers and released projects like YazFi which extends the feature set of WiFi Guest Networks and makes it accessible to non-technical users.

What Limitations Did he Face?

All of Jack's projects are hosted on GitHub. GitHub provides some community and user insights to maintainers but Jack had a hard time understanding how many users were finding value from his work.

Why Scarf Gateway Stats was Created

Jack created this project to get usage data for the Asus router firmware add-ons/scripts he developed. The project is designed for exporting data from Scarf Gateway for file packages and providing visualization through Grafana.

How Scarf Revealed Value

Jack was having a hard time finding motivation to continue developing his addons. Because of the limited data about his users he was unsure if he was providing enough value to a larger audience.

By adding Scarf’s file package to his project and unique URLs within his addons, Jack can now see how many new users his addons reach. He can also see returning users who update as new versions come out, and a lot more valuable data.

“It is safe to say that the data provided by Scarf reinvigorated my interest in developing addons for Asus routers as I could finally have a sense of the scale of the impact my work was having.” - Jack Naisbett

What We Love 💜

Scarf Gateway takes the valuable data insights you get from Scarf and enhances them with beautiful graphics visualized through Grafana. 😍

Scarf Gateway Stats visualized through Grafana

Learn More

To learn more about Jack and Scarf Gateway Stats:
Jack’s LinkedIn:
Scarf Gateway Stats Repository:
More Open Source Projects by Jack:

To learn more about Scarf and Scarf Gateway:

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