New Year, New Scarf Features

Today, we're launching some of the most frequently asked for features since we launched Scarf Gateway back in March.


Organization-level access control for teams is available to everyone. Create your org, manage your packages, and add your teammates. Everyone will have the access they need to everything in your organization. 

Wildcard support with automatic package creation for Docker

Until now, managing a large number of packages on Scarf involved either tedious data entry or writing automated scripts against our API. Auto creation rules solve this problem. Now, it's as easy as adding {% c-line %}your-namespace/*{% c-line-end %} or equivalent! Scarf Gateway will redirect all matching traffic, and automatically create your Scarf package entries as new containers are used. Most workflows can simply set it and forget it.

Let us know what you think

User feedback led to these features being built, so always, we'd love to hear what you think! Join us in Slack, or open an issue on GitHub. We are lucky to building such an incredible community of open-source developers.

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