Changelog: Company Identification Change

Hello Scarf Community!

While checking your Package Insights, you may have noticed the appearance of “UNKNOWN” in the `Views by Company` section. In order to provide the most accurate company information possible, we’ve made some improvements to our data processing system and how we display our results.

What has Changed?

When Scarf shows reports your software was downloaded by a company, the IP metadata denotes the connection belongs to a business, as opposed to an ISP, government, or cloud provider. Some Scarf users were still seeing unexpected telecom providers in their Scarf company reports, despite what the metadata claimed.

We made improvements to our data processing pipeline to greatly reduce the rate of this kind of miscategorization. Moving forward, when Scarf sees an IP address that is marked as a business, but there is uncertainty of the identity of the company, it will be marked as “Unknown”, rather than simply the owner of the IP block.

More Accurate Company Identification

This change is an upgrade that will now provide you with more accurate and reliable analytics, with a better signal to noise ratio. Please note that while new data will be processed in this manner, we have not backfilled this fix on historical data. We will be reprocessing historical data to reflect these changes as soon as possible.

That's it!

If you have any feedback or questions please let us know in the Scarf Community Slack.

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