Announcing Python Support

To date, Scarf Gateway has natively supported Docker/OCI Containers, and arbitrary file archives via URL templates. Today, we’re excited to release support for our very first language-packaging ecosystem: Python

Why Python? 

The primary reason is simple: Python was the most requested package type from the Scarf community. Python has a vibrant and growing community of developers across just about every domain, and so it will help us reach a large audience of package authors. We received this feature request from a range of people - machine learning startups, database service providers, web framework maintainers, data science library maintainers.

Like other package types, Python on Scarf Gateway is free to use, and always will be. 

How does it work for an end-user?

Instead of:

pip install {package}

Your users will run:

pip install –extra-index-url=${} ${package}

Every time they do, you’ll have rich yet privacy-preserving analytics that help you run your project or business more efficiently.

Where can I learn more?

Check out the docs.

If you’re attending PyCon this year, I’d happily show you more in person. I’ll also be giving a talk on this at the Maintainer's Summit, which I’ll link back to here once the recording is available. 

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