Advanced adoption and growth metrics for your open-source software

Gain insight into how your open-source software is being used. Uncover and connect with new users, advocates, and customers.


Understand who is downloading your open-source packages, artifacts, and containers. Scarf Gateway unlocks advanced download metrics that have historically been inaccessible to maintainers, product managers, and marketers. Scarf's metrics give you insight into the growth, adoption, and usage of your software.

Scarf Gateway sits in front of your current registry and seamlessly redirects your download traffic to it, empowering you with valuable usage data that your registry is not sharing.


Use the Scarf SDK to embed Scarf directly into your language-level packages and unlock insights on what is being installed, what versions are being used, and gain details on how your packages are being adopted. Use Scarf's metrics to refine roadmaps, reward advocates, and build better open source.

By simply adding a dependency on a Scarf library (eg scarf-js), you can start collecting actionable installation analytics that can help you keep your package working smoothly.


Understand your users' journey with your product by observing how they are using and consuming your open source documentation, tutorials, and web content -- anywhere on the internet. Documentation Insights from Scarf provides the platform to understand and optimize your project's website traffic, user workflow, and support needs. Identify where users are getting stuck, which features are being researched the most, and which pages are driving people away.


Open-source organizations and business


Choose your plan & take control of your software distribution.

Scarf Gateway is free to use! To gain access to additional features talk to us. You can also read our one-pager here.

Scarf Gateway
Documentation Insights
Custom domains
Basic data insights
Developer API
Team-based access control
Advanced data insights
Qualified lead contact generation
Dedicated customer support
Registry mirroring & automatic failover
Uptime & support SLA
External data integrations
Unlimited data retention

Hear it from our customers

Cesar Talledo

Co-Founder of Nestybox (Acquired by Docker)

Scarf proved to be a valuable tool for Nestybox ... It’s one of the few tools that we used weekly and considered critical to better understand Nestybox’s users and potential customers.

Oliver Gould

Co-Founder & CTO, Buoyant

Scarf Gateway is the missing admin dashboard for our container hosting, making it easy to understand how quickly new versions of Linkerd are being adopted and which components are being deployed—data that the container registries have and don't share with us otherwise. It's awesome that Scarf can get this information into the hands of project maintainers without compromising the privacy of our users.

Alexander Gallego

Founder & CEO, Redpanda Data

[We have] been using Scarf to understand how Redpanda is being adopted, and most importantly, how to prioritize engineering efforts for the product. Turns out the world loves Redpanda + Kubernetes more than we thought!

Marc Scholten

Founder, digitally induced

It’s important for us to understand who is using [our OSS web framework] IHP. Before using Scarf we’ve mostly relied on the data set of existing customers. . . . It only took us a couple of minutes to integrate the Scarf Gateway. With Scarf, we now understand much more about the new users starting their journey into IHP. . . . Now we’re regularly using the numbers in our marketing meeting.