Senior Software Engineer (Frontend)

Remote (US timezones)
Full Time


Are you passionate about open-source software? Want to change the world for the better for open-source developers? Come join us!

At Scarf, we strive to deliver a product that not only empowers open-source developers and their users, but also offers a delightful and reliable user experience. To that end, Scarf is hiring a talented Frontend Engineer to work across our entire frontend development process - from design to implementation to maintenance. As one our first hires, this role has huge growth potential regardless of your intended career track within engineering.

You might find yourself:
  • Designing and building beautiful data visualizations to help open-source maintainers better understand how their software is being used
  • Building out completely new sections of our web app to help maintainers land and manage support agreements with companies
  • Ensuring our frontend is blazing fast and highly secure
  • Contributing to open-source! Whether to Scarf's own OSS packages, or any packages we rely on, open-source is at the core of what we do and we contribute back in every way we can
  • Building an amazing engineering team and development culture. As an early hire, you'll have a tremendous impact on every part of our business and your stake in the company will reflect that.
We're looking for someone who has:
  • An interest in building with modern UI tools: We currently use TypeScript, Vue.js, Bulma/Buefy, Sass, Webpack.
  • A high bar for quality/correctness of code and quality of user experience
  • Track record of delivering projects from start to finish in a self-directed manner.
  • Clear communication skills
  • A passion for helping make the open-source software community work better for everyone

These criteria are not hard requirements. You're encouraged to apply even if your experience is not exactly what we've described. At Scarf, your passion, skills, and potential to grow is what we care about. We welcome people from diverse backgrounds who are not afraid to solve problems in radically different ways and want to build an inclusive place to work.

Reasons you might not be excited for this role:

  • You prefer big companies. We're a young startup, so if you like more established organizations this isn't the right fit. Our company culture will be yours to help shape.
  • We are a very mission-driven company, proudly working to help the people and businesses that are working in open-source. We have uncommonly ambitious goals and we are working hard to get there.
What's it like to work for Scarf?

At Scarf, we work to make open-source more equitable. Software, and supporting the people who build it is at the heart of everything we do. Our mission is to make open-source software a more equitable model for those who who create it, and a more valuable choice for the companies that rely on it.

We're in the very early stages. Nothing is set in stone and every part of our culture and company is yours to help shape. We're a fully remote team distributed across the Americas and Europe. Working with us means autonomy and flexibility. We like to have some overlap in our work hours as a team, but otherwise your schedule is up to you. Due to our distributed nature, we have a strong focus on clear communication. Your written communication skills will be crucial, though we tend to jump on video calls regularly too. We strive to foster open and concise communication that is direct yet always empathetic.

We are an inclusive and welcoming team, no matter your background.

We work hard to have an amazing developer environment and experience, and put significant effort into ensuring our development toolchain is nothing short of state-of-the-art. We love coding and our codebase is fun to work on. We love statically-typed functional programming, if you're into that sort of thing.

We contribute to open-source and publish as much of our own code as we can. We engage with the open-source community as we strive to move it forward.

We're excited to meet you! Please send your resume to to apply.

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