Guaranteed support for your team's open-source dependencies

In modern software development, open-source software brings tremendous value, but also unpredictable complexity and risk. Scarf mitigates that risk by providing guaranteed support for the OSS you rely on, directly from the project maintainers.

Accountability, predictability. Guaranteed.

Hitting a bug in an open-source library you don't maintain can slow your team down, or even grind it to a halt. Even if you fork and fix the issue yourself, there's no telling when it will get merged up stream, if at all.

With a Scarf-guaranteed Issue Response SLA from the project maintainer, you have a predictable time frame for fixes that your team can actually plan around.

Ask the right person, right away

Sometimes StackOverflow doesn't have the answer, and no one is responding to your issue on GitHub.

Support agreements through Scarf let you ask the maintainer directly and know you'll get the answer you need.

Efficient feature development

Let the OSS project maintainers focus on their code so your engineering team can focus on yours. Funding new OSS features through Scarf means you get the software you need more quickly and cheaply.

Enterprise-grade support for less

Issue response SLAs

Get professional support for issues and questions in a known timeframe, every time.

On-demand support

Whether you need troubleshooting help or hot-fixes built, a chat or video consultation with experts, get the help you need when you need it.

Planned, periodic support time

Learn to leverage your tools effectively with planned sessions with maintainers: training, Q&A, pair programming

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