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Remote | US timezones only

Scarf has an amazing opportunity for someone who loves open source, marketing, and growth.  Scarf is revolutionizing how commercial open source companies are built and measured. We are looking for someone to help lead our marketing and community outreach activities.  Our vision is to establish the standard for how companies measure the commercial success of their open source projects. 

You will be helping us get our message and mission out to the masses.  This means taking responsibility for growing the overall user community of both free and paid users. The growth will come from a strong product along with lots of excellent content, and you will be responsible for building that content and ensuring people are reading, viewing, or participating in it. Beyond building a strong audience for our content, you will also be responsible for growing our overall user community. This community will be instrumental in helping grow open source businesses all over the world.   


  • Excellent writing skills:  blogs, placed articles, video descriptions, website copy.  
  • Deep background in Social media strategies:  ability to grow our followers and engagement 
  • Strong relationship building skills:  Ability to engage and inspire the community with 1:1 as well as 1:M engagements
  • Demonstrated success in managing and building an audience for Podcasts, Videos, and 
  • Knowledge of SEO strategies:  enhance the reach of our content 
  • Creative, experimenter, and risk taker


  • Plan and own our Content Calendar, building authentic content that educates people on how to build and measure successful open source projects/open source companies
  • Write compelling stories about Open Source, Projects, and the comings and goings around Scarf.  
  • Define, Build, and Execute our social media strategy.  Working across the teams to share interesting updates, track and share relevant external content, and build an audience.
  • Work with the entire Scarf team to produce and share how tos, articles, and other interesting stories from their time building the platform and company.  
  • Work with users to understand how they are benefiting from Scarf, where they need help, and turn that into actionable feedback for engineering, a content plan for reusable content, and enhanced documentation
  • Plan and execute video and streaming content with the goal of exploring how to build and measure open source projects.  
  • Drive awareness to not only the Scarf brand but the open-source ecosystem as a whole   

Working at Scarf

Scarf’s mission is to help open-source creators run data-driven projects and be more successful. Software, and supporting the people who build it are at the heart of everything we do.

We're in the early stages. Nothing is set in stone and every part of our culture and company is yours to help shape. We're a fully remote team distributed across the Americas and Europe. Working with us means autonomy and flexibility. We like to have some overlap in our work hours as a team, but otherwise, your schedule is up to you. Due to our distributed nature, we have a strong focus on clear communication. Your written communication skills will be crucial, though we tend to jump on video calls regularly too. We strive to foster open and concise communication that is direct yet always empathetic.

We are an inclusive and welcoming team, no matter your background.

We work hard to have an amazing developer experience, and put significant effort into ensuring our development toolchain is nothing short of state-of-the-art. We love coding and our codebase is fun to work on. We love statically-typed functional programming, so if you're into that sort of thing, we have a tech stack you’ll enjoy.

We contribute to open-source and publish as much of our own code as we can. We engage with the open-source community as we strive to move it forward.

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